Mural ‘Please Stand By’

Mural at La Zone, Liège

3x2m – 2020

This wall artwork is a giant illusion of a TV screen. ‘Please Stand By’ was created on a wall for the concert venue ‘La Zone’ in Liège. Using fluorescent paint, and about half a kilometer of masking tape, I reproduced my ‘RGB Printing’ technique on a larger scale.

This artwork transports concert goers to this bygone era, when one had to wait for their favorite TV programme to start.

During concerts, this artwork is shown with UV lighting, further reinforcing the illusion of a TV screen and reinforcing the fluorescent pigments of the paint.

Big thanks to Maud Watine (so.focus) for the video editing! 

Mural ‘Spectral Variation’

Mural at Urban Art Centre / Propaganza, Brussels

3.97×2.10m – March 2024

Mural created for the group show ‘Urban Glow’ at the Urban Art Centre in Brussels. 

The limited palette is composed of only three colors —red, green, and blue (RGB)— and a black matrix, yet two optical illusions emerge:

  • The illusion of a color gradient
    The key to this illusion lies in the strategic placement of the RGB colors, combined with the creation of a black matrix that overlays them, giving rise to new shades such as cyan, yellow, pink, violet, and many more.

  • The illusion of a screen
    What appears to be a television screen is actually a mural. This illusion is enhanced by the use of fluorescent pigments which, when exposed to UV light, create an intense brightness, evoking the characteristic glow of a digital screen.

Mural ‘Movement 01’

Mural at Alliance Française, Brussels

2x3m – June 2024

This mural was created in the context of an exhibition on street art at the Alliance Française in Brussels. 

The artwork also served as a background to dancers during a break dance event organised in the same venue.

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