Hi! I’m David, a Belgian artist born in Liège and recently based in Brussels. Since 2018, I have been creating hand-made silkscreen prints that blend the aesthetics of Op art and kinetic art.

My technique consists in recreating the look and feel of cathode ray tubes, but on paper. All my silk-screen prints have this signature mark: colors that “vibrate”, appearing so vivid that viewers often mistake them for a computer or TV screen rather than what they actually are: hand-made artworks printed on paper.

I developed a printing technique, which I entitled “RGB Printing” (RGB standing for Red, Green, and Blue). My technique is the culmination of years of research and experimentation in fluorescent inks and pigments, colorimetry, colour perception, retinal persistence, and ultra-violet lighting.

I also create kinetic artworks that enhance the optical illusions present in my silk-screen prints. My preferred subjects oscillate between pop culture, geometric forms found in nature, and the perception of reality.

I have always been fascinated by art and science. During my childhood, I frequently visited the biochemistry department of the University of Liège, where my father used to work. I vividly remember wandering through the labs, fascinated by the magnificient colours that were created when different substances were mixed in a test tube. Later, during adolescence, I began experimenting with optical illusions, and that interest has always stayed with me.

Nowadays, I use my art as a sort of petri dish to experiment on physical phenomenon that intrigue me, such as interference patterns, fractals, morphogenesis (Turing pattern), and persistence of vision. My fascination with the fundamental nature of reality drives my art, as I seek to understand the way things work and the reason why they are what they are.

Through my artworks, my intention is to stimulate viewers’ reflection, intrigue them, invite them to decipher what they see, and ultimately make them question their perception of reality.